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When Floatation Therapy meets Caribbean Food

Reggae, Heat, Smiling Faces, Rum Cocktails, Jerk Chicken…and more Rum Cocktails!

No, I am not trying to make you jealous with my holidays at the Caribbean Islands (which never happened anyway) nor is this a really bad slogan for a travel agency. I am talking about “The Floating Caribbean BBQ” aka that fantastic evening when Yumzee and the Floating Spa decided to join forces… And yes my dear reader, if you have missed out on that one, you have a reason to be jealous.

With Yumzee Meals, you never know what to expect. My previous experience already taught me this beautiful fact and after my evening at the Floating Spa in Birmingham’s up and coming Jewellery Quarter, it just got re-confirmed. The new valuable lesson that I have learnt this time is that every experience is totally different and always unique. Even though the basic concept and idea of “social dining” remains somehow the same, every meal has its own exclusiveness. This time was particularly exciting as we all had the chance to discover a truly special and exceptional place in Birmingham: The Floating Spa.

 I have to be honest: Prior to this evening, I haven’t heard a single time in my life about floatation therapy but this made the whole evening even more interesting.
Already during the first minutes spent inside the Spa’s lounge, not only myself but everyone else was able to feel it: There is something about this venue. Something that generates some kind of force of attraction which draws people to get inside the Spa and something that makes them feel at ease, comfortable and sheltered. I asked myself whether this vibe comes from the stylish and minimalist design or from beautiful contrasts in the inspiring interior. I guess that the perception of such particular and strong emotions is inevitable if you find yourself in a place which was created with a huge amount of effort, passion and love. I wouldn’t be surprised if that would be the correct explanation since this is how Nav brought into being his truly unique Floating Spa. This is why Birmingham’s first Spa offering floatation therapy and this idea, concept and blooming business are simply predestined to success.

What used to be once upon a time an ice cream factory, adds today undoubtedly more value to our over-worked, always exhausted and stressed society. Did we lose our ability to disconnect? To enjoy pure and simple nothing? To forget about our worries, even if it’s just for one hour? I don’t know about you, but I certainly did. My first session of floatation therapy nevertheless taught me that you can relearn this ability. What floating did to me is an experience that I hardly can translate into words. I will however try and do my best:

After my very first float, I felt rested but at the same time extremely tired. I felt that that I have the power and energy to do anything in the world but I did not want to move.
Funnily, during my first minutes of floatation, I almost started to panic. I didn’t really know what to do, how am I supposed to stand still one hour inside a water tank if I can’t even stand still when I’m sleeping in my own bed? Even now I wonder how I managed to do so in the end.
For me, there are no words for floatation, just sensations, smells and slowly losing the awareness of where the water starts and your body ends. Nevertheless I think that I was never as much aware about my body and generally about myself and my mind as during those 60 minutes. This effortless, transcendental experience satisfied tremendously my desire for disconnection and this pure and genuine “me-time” which is nowadays so hard to get hold of.

After two previous sleeping pills filled nights, I was able to sleep like a new-born a few hours after floating. This couldn’t have been a coincidence. Not only because of that but also because of my overall unbelievable experience, I’d like to say (and I am sure I am not the first one who said this): Thank you so much Nav.

Words by Nina Litman