The most commonly asked questions in relation to Floatation, if we have missed any please let us know!

This is the most commonly asked question but very simple to answer; it’s impossible to drown due to the buoyancy of the water as well as the shallow depth.
Anything you want really, but we would recommend you wear nothing in order to get the full benefits. Clothing is only restricting in the experience, however most first time floaters will opt for a swimsuit or swimming trunks if they feel more comfortable wearing something.
Towels and toiletries will be provided, you just need to bring yourself and swim trunks/costume if you wish. We have a selection of organic products as well as hairdryers for you to use in our luxury powder room, you can also bring your own appliances and products if you wish.
No one else is in the room, you are in complete control of your own experience. You can lock the door and manage your environment however you please.
In the i-sopod float tank there is a call button.
Yes we recommend you shower once before and once after, in order to wash the Epsom salts off your body. There is a private shower in each of our float rooms for you to use.
There are changing facilities in each of our float rooms, as well as a luxury dressing room for floaters to use after their session.
You can lose the sense of time while floating so this is an important question! There are underwater speakers integrated into our i-sopod float tanks which play soothing music during the last 5 minutes of your float, so you know your float is coming to an end.
Most floaters like to spend some time enjoying their state of mind after floating, you can use our luxury dressing room to freshen up and/or put your feet up in our lounge. .
If it is your first time we recommend you allow for at least an hour and a half in total.
Completely up to you, most first time floaters start with 1 hour sessions however veteran floaters can float for multiple hours in one session. This is all dependant on your experience and your objectives, that is why we recommend all first time floaters start with 3 separate one hour sessions before you make a decision on your future floating needs.
Yes. Each of our i-sopod float tanks have a light switch internally, allowing you to control the interior lights at will.
Yes. The lid can easily be pushed open or closed at anytime during your float.
If you have recently coloured your hair please allow at least 3-4 weeks before floating (longer for bright colours), if it still runs even slightly please re-arrange.